At Concord, we know a great user experience begins with recognizing the most common actions in your member portal and the pain points associated with completing those actions.

With 15 years of experience in working with health payers ranging in size from Fortune 100 to local plans, we recognize that when done right, a strategic user experience could increase utilization of your member portal, improve customer satisfaction, enhance digital self service capabilities and ultimately...put money in your pocket.

Concord Design Principals

Giving Visual Aesthetics a Purpose

While visual aesthetics play a large role in user experience, we believe they shouldn’t proceed without extensive research and analysis, strategic interaction design, and information architecture framework in place. Featured below are some standard design principals we follow when personalizing member portals for our clients.

Top Tasks

Portal design should effortlessly achieve what a user needs without cognitive load. Top tasks are crucial to know when discovering and curating for your users. When done well, complaints and support tickets will begin to diminish.

Data Visualization

Healthcare can be confusing...but so can data. With data visualization, tables such as deductibles and out-of- pocket maximums become less intimidating and easier to understand in a short amount of time thanks to simple visuals.

Increased Utilization

When site and application usability increase, so does the value of everything connected to it. Appropriate research and analysis can ensure everything from preventive care programs and partnerships, as well as parts of a health plan that might be under-utilized, unknown or simply misunderstood by your user base, reap the benefits of increased attention and volume.

Customer Satisfaction

The cost of retaining customers is much lower than the cost of acquiring new ones. Don’t let poor user experience be the reason for costly errors and unnecessary churn rates with your portal. Well thought out portal architecture should create a personalizedexperience that leaves your users feeling good and educated with every interaction.

Digital Self Service

Routinely experiencing costly support calls and tickets? It’s likely your portal could benefit from digital self-service as a part of your UX strategy. By keeping relevant information front and center, you’ll empower your users with quick answers and digital help. As a result, your customer support team will be able to focus their at-tention on more complex member issues, and you’ll be able to save on variable costs.

Money in Your Pocket

Bottom line return is everything. Creating a portal that supports an autonomous self-service environment will save you time and money...two things gobbled up when more bandwidth is spent solving issues associated with digital breakdowns. By continuously keeping your user base in mind, you’ll not only streamline their experience, you’ll also chart a more efficient route to achieve ROI.

UX + Front End Development Experts

Concord is a consulting firm driving business value through technology. Our Digital Experience team is well-versed in research and analysis, information architecture, visual design and user interface development to ensure design concepts can be fully implemented and utilized. In addition, Concord delivers a full range of capabilities from cloud applications and integration, data management and analytics, and information security to provide your organization with complete end-to-end IT solutions.