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Helping People Find Dentists in Hawaii

The Challenge

A dental insurance provider had a website that was outdated. The provider search interface, in particular, was cluttered with unnecessary, irrelevant, and unhelpful information, and was not usable on mobile phones or tablets.

The Ask

Concord was engaged to design and develop a new ‘Find a Dentist’ tool to serve both the general population and their signed-in members. Our role included finding meaningful solutions to improve the speed of search, flexibility in filtering, and ease of saving a favorite search.

The Beginning

Finding A Dentist

Finding a New Starting Place

Entry into the provider search tool first requires the user to select their search location. This decision point is significant because it allows the site to present the user with the information that is most relevant to their provider need. Local users will enter into the ‘Find a Dentist’ tool while a user looking for care in other regions will be redirected to an external search experience.

What We Did

One tool serving different motives.

More than half of the people searching for a dentist are already customers, they’re just trying to find someone near them, or with a specialty.

The other half are actually shopping for insurance, and use this tool to validate if they’re current provider is in-network.

So, we created a simplified user interface that allows our customers to search with their end-needs in mind.

01. By Island

For anyone on smaller islands or with the flexibility to easily travel.

03. By Specialty

For anyone searching for a specific skillset or specialty from a doctor.

02. By Zip Code

For anyone on larger islands where area codes are more important.

04. By Name

For anyone validating that their existing doctor is in-network before they continue shopping.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering and sorting give the user optimal control of their provider search experience. The user can add, remove, and change their search parameters at any time.

Flexibility & Scanability

A flexible provider card template displays
provider information in a readable and useful manner. Icons were introduced to the provider cards for at-a-glance findability of preferred office features.


After a set of search results has been returned, auser can create a custom list. This list ofproviders can be viewed, edited, saved, andprinted by the searcher.


One piece of a larger initiative.

Concord produced a modern website that looked beautiful – and equally important – functioned across all devices for our dental insurance provider client.

General users and members alike can easily search the interface, surface relevant information, and find a dentist that matches their preferences. The new features improved search speed, flexibility in filtering, and ease of saving searches for users, leading to improved member satisfaction and self-service ability.

Concord Digital

We’re a design and development consultancy within the Concord global family.

We unite design and technology to deliver results that work in the real-world, not just look good on screens.

Looking Forward

Ready for real results? Our solutions obliterate the tough problems standing between what your users want and what your current tools can do.

We work with clients ranging from Fortune 50 giants to scrappy start-ups. Reach out to learn more about partnering with Concord Digital.